Beat Your Winter Blahs!!


Join us in the toasty tackroom at FoxFire Equestrian on Sunday to celebrate that spring is just around the corner... hopefully. Kim from Pony Up Equestrian will be onsite with all sorts of spring gear and goodies for you and your horse. Martha will also have Scentsy warmers and scent testers available, and a variety of spa products from Arbonne for sampling! 

Join us for a visit, and treat yourself to some spring time while winter continues to drag on!

Everyone is welcome!!

New Arena Windows!!

The arena at FoxFire Equestrian is getting a lot brighter these days!! The team is half way through upgrading the side panels to plexi glass windows to let the beautiful sunshine in throughout the year.   

We're not quite as fancy as these places... but we're working on it!

Hack, Tack & Champagne!

The past weekend the hacking team at FoxFire Equestrian enjoyed a great autumn hack along the local trails. They also scheduled a nice treat for the end of it: Tack Cleaning avec Champagne! What a great way to end the day at the barn. Our boarders have such great ideas!   

If you'd like to join our hacking group, please let us know and we can put you in touch! 


Photo Shoot

We enjoyed a delightful weekend here at FoxFire Equestrian Oct 19th and 20th despite the rain and cooler temperatures. Many of our boarders took advantage of the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot with Cary Andrew Penny of CAP Photographic. Equine Portraiture, hacking through the autumn scenery, and training shots in the arenas were all options for photos. Many boarders even brought their canine family members out to be photographed as well! A BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all, and a Wine & Cheese followed the completion of the Photo Shoot. We'd like to extend our thanks to Cary for a fabulously artistic weekend. We can't wait to see the finished product.