Not only does FoxFire Equestrian provide the best possible day to day care for its clients, but it also specializes in Post Surgical Care and Rehabilitation Programs. When the Vet releases your horse from the surgery facility to the care of yourself or your boarding facility, there is a certain level of medical monitoring that is necessary to prevent complications or delays in recovery. At FoxFire Equestrian our staff are trained in medical monitoring of horses, and should your horse stay with us for post surgical care, you know they are in good hands.



Post Surgical Care & Rehabilitation  

When a horse undergoes surgery of any variety a certain amount of specialized care is required to ensure complications after the fact are minimized, and that the horse returns to regular life as quickly as possible. The attending veterinarian will send your horse home with a detailed list of post surgical care instructions. Many horse owners are not in a position to carry out these instructions fully, or medically monitor their horse throughout the recovery process. Many regular boarding facilities are not in a position to do this! Often there are specific feeding instructions, limited turnout, stall rest, medication administration on a certain schedule, and hand walking/grazing requirements. It amounts to hours a day! Many professionals simply do not have the time to correctly administer post surgical care instructions. FoxFire Equestrian specializes in this type of care. Our staff will administer medications and change bandages as often as necessary, and will provide constant medical monitoring. Hand walking/grazing and grooming is already part of the daily schedule and fully matted stalls for horses on stall rest are a given. FoxFire Equestrian also has various sizes of paddocks, and a small round pen to ensure that turnout is monitored as your horse recovers and does not cause any setbacks to the process. FoxFire Equestrian contracts a team of professionals for all aspects of your horse’s recovery and brings them together at one location for the best possible care. Services available but not limited to: Wound & Injury Care, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry & Corrective Shoeing, Hydro Therapy Tubs, Cold Laser Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation


Mare Care & Foaling

 FoxFire Equestrian offers premiere mare care for mare owners who are unable to provide sufficient monitoring on their own, or are boarding at a facility that does not permit foaling. We have two oversized stalls specially equipped for foaling. Ideally we prefer if mares arrive thirty days prior to their expected due date so they may settle into the facility and we can get to know her normal behaviour. For mares foaling we provide a quiet and comfortable setting for normal delivery and direct supervision by Registered Veterinary Technician. If delivery is not progressing normally, we are able to coordinate veterinarian assistance quickly. Our veterinarian partners are all located within a twenty minute drive of FoxFire Equestrian. Once your foal is successfully delivered, your mare and foal are welcome to remain at FoxFire Equestrian as long as you wish. The foals are closely monitored as they grow and learn, and we acclimatize them to turnout slowly, other horses, and a variety of other ground training.  Please contact us for foaling availability as space is limited.